Introducing France & Fashion Day: Where French Flair Meets Saudi Style – Pranita Garg

BY Pranita Garg May 24, 2023

As a part of Europe Month 2023, the Saudi Fashion Commission has launched a new initiative appropriately titled ‘France & Fashion Day.’ Uniting the two countries most synonymous with style and luxury — Saudi Arabia and France — this two-day event will occur this weekend on May 27 – 28, at the Art Pur Foundation in Riyadh.

The event is to be inaugurated by representatives of each country; it comprises of conferences, exhibitions, workshops and training, and is open to any and all people of the public.

Excellency Ludovic Poille, the French Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and the CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission Burak Cakmak with both be in attendance

Photography by Raffaele Marone. Styling by Anna Castan. Model: Jonas Barros. Jacket and Trousers by Noura Sulaiman

Speakers consist of well-respected industry experts from both Saudi and France, who will discuss their knowledge on matters such as ideas surrounding sustainable development, brand communication and the industry’s wider impact on the world; designers will also display their work in specially curated exhibitions.

Founder and Director of the Art Pur Foundation, Princess Adwa Yazid bin Abdallah is a great advocate for the French-Saudi fashion cooperation and actively enables the growth of arts and culture within Saudi Arabia.

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