Thanks for visiting, we value your trust in us. To keep this trust truthful and safe, we follow the highest standards for secure transactions and privacy of customer information. When it comes to privacy and personal information, we believe in transparency. Following the suit we are laying out our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Platforms

This privacy policy is applicable to all of’s customer facing platforms including website, applications (“Platforms”). Any reference to “site” or “website” may also refer to platforms interchangeably.


Your Rights:

You have rights about your personal data:

    1. You have the right to be informed about and/or request access to any personal data which we may hold or process about you
    2. You have the right to require us to correct any inaccuracies in your data free of charge
    3. You have the right to ask us to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes
    4. You have the right to ask us to erase your personal data or restrict the processing of your personal data
    5. You have the right to request us to transfer any personal data which we may hold to you or any other service provider of your choice.
    6. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

If you have any concern about your data, you can send us an email to to get quick answers to your questions.

Security: follows stringent security measures (including, but not limited to physical, electronic and procedural safeguards) to prevent unauthorized access, accidental loss, misuse, and destruction or damage or alteration of your information that is under our control. Whenever you add, modify or access your information on our Site, we use a secure server to process and store your information. Once your information is on our servers, we adhere to very strict security guidelines to protect it from any type of unauthorized access. We use firewalls on our servers. All our financial transactions and related transactions are secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – it is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted and secure connection between a web server and a client. Because of stringent security measures we may occasionally request proof of identity before we disclose personal information to you.We would request you to protect your computer from unauthorized access and take proper security measures to protect your password and other sensitive information.

Log Information:

We collect very limited information for every visit that you make to any of’s Platforms. Information includes (may not be limited to), date and time of the visit, pages you viewed, IP address, URL of site referral website, the browser used. We do not store IP address. All IP addresses are deleted or anonymized. Anonymization means that your IP address is changed in such a way that they either cannot be linked with the original user or can only be linked through extensive research.Our primary goal for data collection is to provide you a safe, efficient, smooth and customized experience.

What are Cookies?

Cookies, flash cookies, and similar technologies (collectively called ‘cookies’) are small files that are downloaded on your internet enabled devices and store specific information about your preferred settings and any other data that our system needs when interacting with your browser.

Cookies and Information we store:

It is not necessary to accept cookies to visit our Platforms. However, if you would like to place an order or add an item to your shopping basket, you will need to set your browser to accept cookies so you can use the shopping basket and checkout functions.On-Site Targeting: Site does not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about the user. Once a cookie is activated, it is given an ID number, which is solely used for internal reference and cannot be used to identify the user or access any personal information, such as your name or IP address.Information collected by our cookies is not stored with our customer’s personal information or order information, it is only used to provide our users with adverts and/or notification of offers and services that are suited to their individual tastes, using click stream analysis (e.g. adverts for reduced trainers if a customer has been browsing our sports shoe selection). We use Cookies to improve our Platforms and our aim is to offer you a fun, easy shopping experience on our Platforms that is tailored to your tastes.NOTE: Temporary/permanent cookies have a lifespan, after which they will be automatically deleted.

What kind of cookies does use?

We may use any of the following types of cookies on our Platforms:

  1. Analytics cookies– these cookies enable us to analyze how you are using our site and come up with strategies to make your shopping experience even better.
  2. Customer preference cookies– we use these cookies to remember your product and account preferences to offer you an even more personalized shopping experience. To be able to do this, though, these cookies may remain on your computer even after you have quit the browser.
  3. Customer targeting and advertising cookies– we use these cookies to show you ads that are relevant to you based on your preferences. These cookies also enable us to control the number of times you view an ad and gauge the efficacy of our marketing campaigns.

Does use third party cookies?

We allow Cookies from specific business partners only for the purpose of tailoring their adverts to your tastes and browsing habits, so cookies from some of our partners may be stored on your computer when you visit our site. These cookies are temporary/permanent cookies, which will be automatically deleted from your computer at the end of their lifespan (14 days to 2 years). As with our cookies, these third party cookies do not collect any personal information. The data stored is collected at certain times, allowing these companies to see which products have been viewed most frequently but this is done completely anonymously under randomly designated user ID numbers. Therefore, this data will never be pooled with any personal information you have given to us. Third party cookies have the sole purpose of allowing our partners to advertise products that may interest you.


Retargeting used information stored in “cookies”. Marketing teams can use this cookie data to serve ads to the users by showing relevant, targeted ads to users. Our website uses retargeting, which allows us to make our online offer more interesting for you. We can advertise recently viewed and related products by you, on our partners’ websites, and even on other companies’ sites that are relevant to what you would like to see. We do this by analyzing user behavior from data collected by our cookies. Even this kind of information is anonymous, with no personal information being stored and no user profiles.

How can I prevent cookies from being stored on my computer?

Before jumping into “How” let’s first of all, understand “Why”. By default Cookies are enabled to help websites “fine-tune” their working to the needs of the users or visitors. For eCommerce websites cookies are a major source of providing customized experience.It is strongly recommended and is a good practice to block third-party cookies. As mentioned in preceding sections of this document third-party cookies collect your information and share it with third-party services. This information is used for various purposes, like advertisements, analytics, and customized content. These tracking cookies can raise potential privacy concerns as background tracking is hidden from users’ knowledge, and permanent cookies reside in your computers for a long period. If you think that it is invasive, it is strongly recommended that you should to block them from getting stored. Let’s learn how.All modern browsers provide privacy settings options for users to control how cookies will be handled on their computers or other devices. Settings and straightforward steps are in place to block cookies and prevent them from being downloaded on the computer, as well options to delete the already stored cookies on the device.NOTE: All cookies are not a threat and you don’t have to completely stop using cookies. Completely disabling cookies can majorly impact your web experience and you should be ready to do away with the benefits that the cookie provides to your browsing experienceYou can change the settings in your browser to ask for your permission every time a cookie tries to access your computer. If you would like to accept our cookies but block our partners’ cookies, you can set your browser to block third party cookies.Usually, your browser’s help section will provide information on how to change your cookie settings. We highly recommend only changing the browser setting for your profile on shared computers.Data that we collect from youWe collect, process your data for processing your purchase on our Platforms and any possible later claims, and to provide you with our services. We may collect your title, name, gender, email address, postal address, delivery address (if different), telephone number, mobile number, fax number, payment details, payment card details or bank account details.We also collect your device information including device IDs and any other personally identifiable information used to access to enhance your user experience by making improvements to our Platforms to customize it to your preferences. This information is also used for fraud detection and prevention.We will use the information you provide to enable us to process your orders and to provide you with the services and information offered through our Platforms and which you request. Further, we will use the information you provide to administer your account with us; handle returns and size change requests; verify and carry out financial transactions in relation to payments you make online, refunds and fraud detection and prevention; audit the downloading of data from our platforms; improve the layout and/or content of the pages of our platforms and customize them for users; identify visitors on our apps and website; carry out research on our users’ demographics; send you information we think you may find useful or which you have requested from us, including information about our products and services, provided you have indicated that you have not objected to being contacted for these purposes.Subject to obtaining your consent we may contact you by email with details of other products and services. If you prefer not to receive any marketing communications from us, you can opt out at any time.We may pass your name, phone number and address on to a third party in order to make delivery of the product to you (for example to our courier or supplier).Your phone number and email address may be used for notifications regarding order status and announcements of the latest deals and campaigns.We may use the information we collect to conduct customer service related analyses, train our Customer Service agents and to provide you with the right customer support so that you receive the best customer experience from that you make through our platforms will be processed by our agent. You must only submit to us or our Agent or the Site information, which is accurate and not misleading and you must keep it up to date and inform us of changes.Your actual order details may be stored with us but for security reasons cannot be retrieved directly by us. However, you may access this information by logging into your account on any of our Platforms. Here you can view the details of your orders that have been completed, those which are open and those which are short to be dispatched and administer your address details, bank details and any newsletter to which you may have subscribed. You undertake to treat the personal access data confidentially and not make it available to unauthorized third parties. We cannot assume any liability for the misuse of passwords unless this misuse is our fault.

Legitimate Purpose:

We may keep your information even after you have closed your account and are no longer availing our services to detect and prevent fraud, meet our legal/compliance/regulatory requirements, resolve any disputes and enforce our privacy policies and terms and conditions.Credit Check and Fraud PreventionWe may use fraud prevention agencies (FPA) to help us make decisions as to whether to accept an order for products on our Platforms. A condensed guide as to how we, FPAs will use your information is detailed below. If you would like to see more information about this, or the agencies we use, please contact us.We will use your data in the following ways:We will search at FPAs for information on those placing orders for products on our platforms.We will use the information provided to us by FPAs to help make decisions about all those placing orders for products on our Platforms.If you give us false or inaccurate information and we identify fraud, details may be passed to FPAs. (and we have the right to not process the orders).


For any competition, we use the data to notify the winners and advertise our offers. You can find more details where applicable in our participation terms for the respective competition.

Third Parties and Links:

We may share collected personally identifying information (including email addresses) with other companies in our group and for commercial purposes – such as advertising. We may also pass your details to our agents and subcontractors to help us with any of our uses of your data set out in our Privacy Policy. For example, we may use third parties to assist us with delivering products to you, to help us to collect payments from you, to analyze data, and to provide us with marketing or customer service assistance. We may exchange information with third parties for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction. We may transfer our databases containing your personal information if we sell our business or part of it.Your information may also be shared with companies approved by you e.g. your social media sites. Our platforms may contain advertising of third parties and links to other sites or frames of other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those third parties or other sites, nor for any third party to whom we transfer your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.We also target our ads and other marketing content to you while you are on our Platforms based on the information we have on you, your browsing history on and your previous transactions with than as set out in this Privacy Policy, we shall NOT sell or disclose your personal data to third parties without obtaining your prior consent unless this is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or unless we are required to do so by law.

Customer Declaration of Consent:

I hereby confirm that

  1. I have read and understood this Privacy Policy. By submitting data to or its agent(s) or by my using of website, applications or services, I voluntarily and expressly consent to collection, use, sharing, processing and retention of my data in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.
  2. By and in relation to my continuous use of’s site, I hereby give my permission for to analyze and use protocol data to develop and optimize their online shop.
  3. I hereby give permission for my user information to be stored on cookie files and my user information to be used as described here in above. I also allow these files to remain on my computer after I have ended my browser session so they may be used upon my next visit to the website. I reserve the right to retract this permission by changing my browser setting to refuse cookies.
  4. I voluntarily and expressly consent to’s collection, use, sharing, processing and retention of my data in the manner set out hereinabove.