7 Saudi Nationals on What Makes Them the Proudest of Their Kingdom – JEANNINE YAZBECK

To celebrate the 91st Saudi National Day on September 23, Vogue Arabia has chosen a group of Saudi nationals whose success in the Kingdom resonates through the world. HRH Princess Deemah Bint Mansour Bin Saud Alsaud, Mohammed Al Turki, Noura Sulaiman, Nojoud Alrumaihi, Layla Moussa, Reema Juffali, and Honayda Sairafi share with us their pride in their Kingdom, the best part of living there, their projects, and their favorite places.

Noura Sulaiman
Fashion designer

Noura Sulaiman, a Saudi fashion designer, believes that the best part of being in KSA now is witnessing the modernization of her country, coupled with the respect and conservatism of the culture and heritage. “I am excited for our country’s future and the vision it has for itself,” she says. Sulaiman’s brand has been chosen as one of the Saudi 100 Brands at the Fashion Commission under the Ministry of Culture. “I am humbled to be among such talented brands under the wings of experienced mentors. This is an amazing opportunity, so thank you to the Ministry of Culture, the Fashion Commission, and Vogue Arabia for believing in your local talents.” She is proud of her country, especially its people. “Seeing the wave of emerging creatives and intelligent generations who are rising up to fulfill their passion and aspirations for themselves and their country. The Saudi people hold great values and are supportive of each other’s successes, and I am proud to be part of such community.” About her favorite hidden spot in her city, she reveals, “Maybe it’s the desert girl in me, but I am happiest when I am surrounded by palm trees. Although it is not so hidden, my favorite spot is Albujairi in Diriyah.”

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